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JM Lexus Express Service near Boca Raton, FL

At JM Lexus, we understand that your daily schedule won't stop for every inconvenience. If you realize that your car needs an oil change, fluid service checks or other basic repairs, you can visit the new JM Lexus express service center at our Lexus dealership near Boca Raton, FL. We want to get you in and out of our Florida Lexus dealership quickly, so you can take advantage of the new express service bays we have and head back to your daily routine quicker than ever.

You can come in for oil changes, tire rotations, transmission drains and fills, A/C performance checks and much more. Learn more about the engine, brake, A/C, tire and other miscellaneous repairs that we can get done quickly when you come in for express service at JM Lexus. Get directions to JM Lexus and come in for Lexus maintenance and service today!

*All prices include parts, labor, tax and environmental disposal fees.

Express Lube, Synthetic-Blend Oil, and Filter (NO TIRE ROTATION)- $72.00
Express Lube, Full Synthetic Oil, and Filter (NO TIRE ROTATION)- $117.00
Engine Diagnosis- $113.00
Replace Battery (Most Models)- $178.50
(SC, LS, LX, All Hybrids, LFA, LC) Ask your Service Advisor for Price
Battery Service (Clean Terminal & Performance Check)- $34.00
Replace Engine Air Filter- $38.00
Check & Top Off Fluids- FREE
Power Steering Fluid Drain & Fill- $192.00
Carbon Build-up Removal- $192.00
Transmission Drain & Fill (Type III/IV)- $175.00
Transmission Drain & Fill (World-Standard)- $200.00
Differential Drain & Fill (Most Models)- $135.00
A/C Cabin Pollen/Dust Filter (Most Models)- $100.00
A/C Cabin Filter (Charcoal)- $145.00
(LS,LX,LFA, LC) Ask your Service Advisor for Price
A/C Performance Check (Freon extra)- $113.00
A/C Mist Deodorizer- $127.00
Coolant System Drain & Fill- $190.00
Electronic Balance 4 Wheels- $68.00
Electronic Balance 4 Wheels (w/scheduled mtce)- $45.00
Tire Inspection- FREE
Tire Nitrogen Fill- $45.00
4 Wheel Alignment- $135.00
Rotate Wheels- $40.00
Tire Patch Plug- $40.00
Run-Flat Tire Patch Plug- $62.00
Mount & Balance One(1) Tire- $29.00
Mount & Balance Four(4) Tires- $113.00
Mount & Balance One(4) Run-Flat Tire- $160.00
Wiper Inserts Front (2)- $32.00
Wiper Insert Rear (1)- $23.00
General Diagnosis- $113.00
Drive Belt (Most Models)- $240.00
(SC, LS, GX, LX, F-SPORT) Ask your Service Advisor for Price
Brake Diagnosis- $135.00
Front or Rear Brake Replacement (Most Models; Resurface Rotors, Genuine Lexus Brake Pads)- $305.00
(GX, LX, F-SPORT, LFA, LC) Ask your Service Advisor for Price
Brake System Fluid Flush- $192.00

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